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My priorities are singularly focused:  I will work hard to build a Thriving 5th District. From Carytown to Randolph to Swansboro ... and beyond, I am committed to making a difference. And I know we can succeed by staying focused on three key priorities:

  • Improve Richmond Public Schools and its outcomes, so all children are meeting their potential and all groups of parents have confidence in sending their children to RPS.

  • Expand economic opportunities and build pathways to prosperity for Richmonders who are struggling or have been left out of the equation altogether.

  • Improve the performance, responsiveness and efficiency of City Hall—both its internal operations and its service delivery in the community.


How can we advance these goals? I've outlined my plans to hit the ground running with  creative and detailed proposals, and I invite you to review them here. I also welcome your ideas and insight ... because I know that we can do this together!