Let's work together for Our Community.


Help us make a difference!


There are many ways to volunteer, from walking door-to-door to making phone calls to hosting a gathering ... and more.  It's up to you!​​


What is a "House Party"?

House parties are simply gatherings of people - they can be friends, neighbors, people you know from work or anyone  else you’ve chosen to invite - who come together to learn more about Thad. 

House parties allow supporters like you to talk to the people in their lives about our campaign. They are the single most effective way to help Thad become a champion for the 5th district and all of Richmond.

Who can host a House Party?

Anyone can act as host - you don’t need any  special skills. All it takes is a little planning & organization, and an excitement to support Thad and his vision for a thriving 5th District.

We are all working toward building a thriving 5th District and a thriving Richmond - for our families and our friends. Your donation will make a huge difference, allowing us to reach out to our neighbors throughout the 5th District. We appreciate support of any amount and are grateful to have you as part of our team!


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