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Improving the Efficiency and Performance of City Hall

The City of Richmond as an entity does significant good in the community but is capable of doing even more. This will require close attention to improving how the City functions, especially in tasks that should be routine but often become burdensome. To better serve city residents in profound need, government has a moral responsibility to use available dollars as effectively as possible.


Here's where I think we should start in order to make our government a productive and fully functioning partner with the community:

  • Assuring all agencies publish their strategic plans on an annual basis and assuring the Administration provides Council with a comprehensive update on progress on a quarterly basis

  • Requiring the Administration to provide quarterly written updates on the progress of its Performance Management efforts

  • Implementing recommendations of the Ethics Task Force

  • Improving communication between City Council and the Administration, particularly during the budget process

  • Supporting efforts to retain and reward strong City employees and create internal pathways for career development, while also holding nonperforming employees accountable and making it easier to dismiss incompetent or negligent employees

  • Supporting strong equity and minority business development goals in all procurement processes