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50 Fixes For the 5th 

Working Together to Roll Out A Platform For Change

A few weeks ago we launched our “Fifty Fixes for the 5th” initiative. These are specific ideas to address problems and improve quality-of-life here in the 5th District. They can range from solving neighborhood-specific problems to larger-order policy ideas that impact the 5th.

#1 - Add a Residency Requirement to the City Charter (July 17th)


The City Charter should be amended, as soon as possible, to specifically and unambiguously state that elected officials must maintain residence within the borders of the district to which they were elected, for the entire duration of their elected term.

Lack of clarity and contrasting legal perspectives have led to the current situation, resulting in this year’s special election. Voters in the 5th District, and every other district in Richmond, should never be placed in this position again. And there should never be any doubt among future elected officials as to whether they must reside in the districts they were elected to represent. Read more of my statement here.

More to Come!