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Strengthening Economic Opportunities and Building Pathways to Economic Security
  • Expanding access to workforce development and related services offered by the Office of Community Wealth Building and partner agencies, and establishing a physical presence for OCWB within the 5th District

  • Supporting efforts through the RVA Future Center, RPS Career and Technical Education, the Mayor’s Youth Academy, and related partners to connect graduating George Wythe High School students to quality educational and economic opportunities post-graduation

  • Supporting efforts to build more affordable housing in the 5th District, using important tools such as the Maggie L. Walker Community Land Trust and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to offset gentrification

  • Pushing the administration to develop a comprehensive citywide housing plan with a specific focus on affordable housing and improving the quality of housing and neighborhood life in areas of concentrated poverty.

  • Accelerating efforts to move tax-delinquent properties back on to the market

  • Supporting sensible housing development and economic development in the 5th District and citywide aimed at strengthening neighborhoods, small and local businesses, and expanding employment of local residents

  • Addressing needless obstacles to obtaining permitting at City Hall

  • Developing and implementing an economic development plan to revitalize the Hull Street Corridor without displacing existing residents

  • Supporting expanded public transportation citywide and within the 5th District

  • Assuring that City residents are “first hired” in conjunction with OCWB by any businesses receiving economic development support through the City

  • Better integrating the City’s use of federal Community Development Block Grants funds with City strategic goals, particularly those related to affordable housing and community wealth building